Yerba Mate + Guarana Hemp Tea

Yerba Mate + Guarana Hemp Tea

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An energising Yerba Mate + Guarana Hemp tea giving an excellent boost to the start of your day.

Guarana is a fruit originating from the Amazon basin and used by natives since ancient times and is popular in energy drinks in the western world. Guarana is high in caffeine and contains tannins which release the caffeine slowly for longer sustained energy.

Yerba Mate is native to South America and a traditional drink known for its revitalising, refreshing and invigorating properties. It contains lots of antioxidants, 15 amino acids and 24 vitamins and minerals. Apart from being energising Yerba Mate's effects provide mental clarity and focus whilst supporting your body and mind dealing with stress.

More information on the hemp used below.

30g - 330mg CBD

Ingredients: 15g Ground Organic CBD Hemp Buds 2.2% CBD & No THC (<0.2%), 15g Yerba Mate mixed with Guarana extract.

Instructions: Add enough coconut oil to cover the herbs and steep at 95C for 5 minutes.

Makes between 9 and 20 cups and double if you reinfuse the herbs.

We've been searching a very long time for high quality hemp for teas and have finally found a winner. Made from ground hemp buds the hemp in this tea is superior to most other brands as it doesn't originate from trim and the actual buds instead. It also has a very balanced cannabinoid profile which provide great effects and make this a cost effective way to take CBD.