Wifi OG Crumble - Full Spectrum 95% **Flash Sale**

Wifi OG Crumble - Full Spectrum 95% **Flash Sale**

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 ≈95% Cannabinoids - No THC (<0.2%)
1g ≈950mg of Cannabinoids

90% CBD
2.9% CBG
5% Terpenes

**Flash Sale - Offer ends Sunday 27/09**

This is a full spectrum crumble which crumbles beautifully with slight pressure.

Crossing Fire OG and The White creates this 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid. The aroma is earthy, pungent and sweet. White Fire (Wifi) is great for increasing focus, creativity, happiness and peacefulness. Euphoric and uplifting blend.

Fragrance: Pungent, earthy, sweet, sour

Effect: Uplifted, focused, energetic, soothing