Royal Distillate 90% Cannabinoids - Wide Full Spectrum **Non Crystallising**

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 ≈90% Cannabinoids - No THC (<0.2%)
≈450mg Cannabinoids per cartridge


52.5% CBD
14.65% CBG
0.19% CBN
0.13% CBC
2.68% CBDV
7.44% CBE

In our opinion this is probably the best extract in Europe. An insanely wide spectrum which provides a strong and effective "Entourage Effect". Includes lots of natural terpenes which makes it very tasty and smell amazing. Non crystallising distillates generally have about 60% Cannabinoids so this Royal Distillate really is something special.  Great value considering the exceptional contents.

You can use these syringes to apply the oil straight under your tongue, fill your carts with or mix into edibles.

We are also selling these in vape cartridges and infused with terpene profiles.