Nerds Budder - Full Spectrum 91% Cannabinoids

Nerds Budder - Full Spectrum 91% Cannabinoids

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 ≈91% Cannabinoids - No THC (<0.2%)
1g ≈910mg of Cannabinoids

Extremely wide spectrum.

76.5% CBD
5.5% CBG
2.8% CBE
And many more cannabinoids.
5% Terpenes

Very special product. Pretty sure this is the only CBD Budder in Europe. Our aim was to create an extract that is similar in texture to THC extracts and this beautiful CBD budder is the result of that. With it's oily and gooey like characteristics it could easily be mistaken for actual budder; we are extremely proud of this product.
Visually it's a great product but the contents are probably even more impressive with an extremely wide spectrum of cannabinoids including high amounts of CBG, CBE and CBDV.

Nerds has a sweet grapey flavour with touches of sweet fruits and spicy strawberry. The aroma is fruity grape and strawberries that is surprisingly sweet.

Fragrance:  A strong grape smell followed by a smooth Strawberry after exhale.

Effect: Very relaxing and uplifted in nature with a sense of sedation that makes it perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day. It starts with a slowly creeping euphoric lift that leaves you feeling happy and completely relaxed without an increase in energy.