Organic Guayusa Hemp Tea **Coffee Replacement & For Lucid Dreaming**

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We're very excited about the following product and as far as we know we are the very first to be offering a Guayusa Hemp tea in the UK. Together these two herbs create an excellent synergistic combination which lots of Shamans are already aware of.

Guayusa not only has more caffeine but also over twice the amount of antioxidants found in Green Tea which is famous for its antioxidant properties.

Guayusa is an extremely fascinating herb known as the "Night Watchman" by the tribes of the Amazon. It's very new to the Western world as prior to 2008 very few people outside of Ecuador and Peru were drinking Guayusa.
Ecuadorians have traditionally used Guayusa as a portal to their dream world which is why it's a popular herb used by Shamans for lucid dreaming.

Guayusa is an excellent coffee replacement and a great drink to start the day. It provides energy, focus and clarity whether awake or asleep. Through its steady prolonged release of caffeine along with L-theanine and other stimulants (also found in Green Tea and Cocoa), Guayusa leaves you with no crash and no jitters. It offers a gentle, relaxed, focused feeling and not an uneasy, jittery feeling you may get from coffee. Furthermore Guayusa contains theobromine which is known to improve mood and provide long lasting energy.  Unlike Yerba Mate, Guayusa contains no tannins so it is not at all bitter and actually very smooth for a caffeinated drink. As if all this wasn't enough it also has a positive effect on your stress levels.

A few other interesting fun facts:

  • Recommended for athletes and endurance sports.
  • Does not stain teeth like coffee. Indigenous Ecuduadorians known as Kichwa have used Guayusa for over a thousand years to clean their teeth.
  • The Guayusa leaf also contains vitamin C and D, Zinc, potassium and calcium.

More information on the hemp used below.

20g - 220mg CBD

Ingredients: 10g Ground Organic CBD Hemp Buds 2.2% CBD & No THC (<0.2%), 10g Organic Guayusa.

Instructions: Add enough coconut oil to cover the herbs and steep at 95C for 5 minutes.

Makes between 6 and 15 cups and double if you reinfuse the herbs.

We've been searching a very long time for high quality hemp for teas and have finally found a winner. Made from ground hemp buds the hemp in this tea is superior to most other brands as it doesn't originate from trim and the actual buds instead. It also has a very balanced cannabinoid profile which provide great effects and make this a cost effective way to take CBD.