Cleansing Sage & Cocoa Hemp Tea

Cleansing Sage & Cocoa Hemp Tea

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If you like the taste of sage this tea will add a nice twist with the added hemp and cocoa shells which make this tea sweet and savory.

More information on the hemp used below.

25g - 220mg CBD

Ingredients: 10g Ground Organic CBD Hemp Buds 2.2% CBD & No THC (<0.2%), 15g Tea Mix (Apple pieces, Cocoa shells, sage leaves, mallow blossoms and rose petals).

Caffeine Free

Please note this tea is NOT vegan.

Instructions: Add enough coconut oil to cover the herbs and steep at 95C for 5 minutes.

Makes between 7 and 15 cups and double if you reinfuse the herbs.

We've been searching a very long time for high quality hemp for teas and have finally found a winner. Made from ground hemp buds the hemp in this tea is superior to most other brands as it doesn't originate from trim and the actual buds instead. It also has a very balanced cannabinoid profile which provide great effects and make this a cost effective way to take CBD.