Blonde Pollen Hemp Hash **EoB Sale**

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Budget Range 8% CBD - No THC (<0.2%)

**New Batch - New pics coming soon but looks similar to picture.**

One of our most popular listings. Please note this is our BUDGET range & lowest priced product. We have lots of customers that love it and keep coming back for it. Occasionally we get inexperienced customers who complain about it having expected top quality for some reason. Generally those are people that aren't familiar with hash, nor old school pollen presses. So if it's your first order, try a little and see if you like it before ordering 100g and then saying you expected soft hash.

The popular Blonde Pollen is back AGAIN! Obviously this is a budget range listing so not the strength and quality of our Premium products but an amazing deal nonetheless. A mid-micron size was used when filtering allowing some plant matter to be included in the press but that's also part of its charm. This hash has been cold pressed so no heat was used when pressing this. It's very clean and has a beautiful fresh herbal smell and cannot be knocked at this price. We want to offer great prices and are happy that we are able to with this budget pollen.

Special Offer - £45 / Ounce!!!