Amnesia Haze Hemp Pollen

Amnesia Haze Hemp Pollen

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17% CBD - No THC (<0.2%)

A Moroccan style pollen press. The maker of this hash has studied the Moroccan style of making hash in depth for three decades and transferred this knowledge to making the ultimate Hemp pollen press.

You can see the oil content by the dark edges where it was pressed, which is a great sign for a quality pollen. It's a hard press but crumbles smoothly when digging the nail in or using a slight touch of a flame. Simply a texture you will fall in love with.

The smell is straight up Moroccan hash when you do a flame smell check lighting a corner for a second. Never came across a hemp pollen that was able to deliver this to that extent. Nothing Amnesia or haze smelling about it. Personally my favourite hemp hash we've ever come across. It's beautiful.