*Moroccan Hash Blend* Royal Distillate 510 Cartridge 0.5ml

*Moroccan Hash Blend* Royal Distillate 510 Cartridge 0.5ml

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 ≈85.5% Cannabinoids - No THC (<0.2%)
≈5% Terpenes (Including 11% Hashishene)
≈425mg Cannabinoids per cartridge

*Moroccan Hash Blend* - Proudly presenting the first vape cart that includes the new terpene Hashishene discovered in hash.

Flavour: Hashy smell and taste. Lingering earthy tones, slightly spicy and acred.

Effects: Relaxing. Body Buzz. Couchlock. Best for evenings.

Hashishene is an expensive terpene but we're offering it at the same price as our other terpene infused distillates. Have a read of the High Times article below discussing this relatively newly found terpene:


EXTREMELY WIDE SPECTRUM including CBD (49.8%), CBG (13.9%), CBDV (2.54%), CBE (7%) and many more. Have a look at the Royal Distillate listing for more info

In our opinion this is probably the best extract in Europe. An insanely wide spectrum which provides a strong and effective "Entourage Effect". Includes lots of natural terpenes which makes it very tasty and smell amazing. Carts at 85% Cannabinoids that don't crystallise will be extremely hard to find as most sold are at about 60%. Great value considering the exceptional contents.

Contains 200+ puffs.