CBD Tea - Tea For a G

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100% Organic, GMO & Pesticide free!

We've been searching a very long time for high quality hemp for teas and have finally found a winner. Made from ground hemp buds the hemp in this tea is superior to most other brands as it doesn't originate from trim and the actual buds instead. It also has a very balanced cannabinoid profile which provide great effects and make this a cost effective way to take CBD.

20g - 220mg CBD

Ingredients: 10g Ground Organic CBD Hemp Buds 2.2% CBD & No THC (<0.2%), 10g Organic Mint From Egypt.



"The effects from the tea were very noticeable. Very nice, calming, and relaxing. Both me and my partner were pleasantly surprised we could both “feel it”. I felt super relaxed after drinking the tea, and so did my partner. The effects put us both in a very good mood."

"I would HIGHLY recommend this product. It tastes great, smells great, and more importantly – the effects are very strong. At the cost of £7.99 per pack, you can’t go wrong – in fact i would say the pricing is very good for what you get."

"Out of all the CBD products i have tried so far, this “Buzzing Buddha: Tea for a G (CBD Tea)” is definitely up there with my favourite CBD products. In terms of effects, and value for money."