CBD Isolate 99%+ Pure

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99%+ CBD - No THC
1g ≈1000mg of CBD

We've been wanting to stock CBD isolate for a while and after testing many different ones have found a very high quality one imported from the USA.

Very versatile and a must have for anyone interested in CBD.
It comes as a powder, vape it, dab it, roll it, make your own CBD vape juices, add to meals/smoothies, make your own creams, top up your CBD oils, the opportunities and ways to use this are endless.

Very competitively priced. 

*Pharmaceutical grade & GMP Certified
*CO2 extracted
*3rd party lab tested
*Contains no heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.
*Also 3rd party tested for microbials, mycotoxins, residual solvents & foreign matter.